Bask in the Splendour of Barkot on way to Yamunotri Dham

Devotees from round the world visit Charm Dham, regarded holiest places in India. The Char Dham yatra is regarded as most sacred by Indians and also for many foreigner tourists from everywhere round the globe. Hnidus consider Gangotri - Yamunotri - Kedarnath - Badrinath (four Dhams) as highly sacred and they feel that visiting the Dhams will cleanse their sins and bring them salvation.

Pious individuals embark on Char Dham yatra every year and one of the most touted dhams among them is Yamunotri, known for the Yamunotri Temple dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. Barkot lies on way to Yamunotri, where devotees put up stay before heading with their yatra.

Round the year, Barkot witnesses thousands of footfalls of revered individuals taking break at Barkot, perched at 1, 220 meters above sea level lying in Uttarkhand range in the Uttarkashi district. Perched in a sacred location at 49 kms away from the sacred region of Yamunotri Dham, Bakot makes you go spellbound with stunning peaks embracing the region. The Banderpooch peak peeps through the mist, while other peaks stand in solidarity to make you swoon over nature’s bounty.

Take a camera with you, while on this adventurous mission so that you can catch the subtle spell of gushing water of Yamuna, ravishing landscapes, and red beauty of apple orchards that you enchant you in every way. Devotees on their pilgrimage to Yamunotri Dham take a break at Barkot, to breathe in the beauty of nature.

No wonder, why large number of devotees stay out here every year so that they can not only take rest but also the splendours of Uttarkhand. All travel enthusiasts on adventurous trips or leisure tripr or spiritual trips can come to Barkot and bask in nature’s glory.

Since pilgrims visit Yamunotri Dham between months of April and November, Barkot witnesses huge influx of tourists during this time. However, if you love the snowy beauty of winter months then come during October, November and first half of December when the picturesque hamlet transforms into a paradise. Do not come here during the monsoon, since there are serious road blocks owing to torrential rains and landslides.

How to reach Barkot?

The easiest way to reach Barkot is from Delhi, which lies at 395 kms away that can be covered in just 13 hours of time.

What to see?

Barkot offers splendid sights around the center. Tourists can make their way to the Yamunotri Temple at Yamunotri Dham located at few kilometres’ distance. The Surya Kund is also within reach, where you can take holy dip and get rid of sins.

Gangotri is yet one of the four Dhams, located nearby Barkot.

Where you can eat?

There are a few restaurants and dhabas, where vegetarian food is only supplied. Alcohol and other non-vegetarian foods are prohibited.

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