Dehradun, a lovely Hill Station and abode of Lord Shiva

Dehradun is more than just a hill station in India. Being mentioned as part of Kedar Khand, Dehradun is regarded as abode of Lord Shiva, thus appealing to religions minds from all over the country and also outside from different parts of the world. You will love to know this that Dehradun is one of the oldest cities and is mentioned in Indian mythology for being that place where Lord Rama along with Laxman sought penance here for slaughtering Ravana.

In recent history, the district of Dehradun was segregated from the Meerut Division and included in the Garhwal Division in 1968. At poresent, Dehradun is the capital of Uttaranchal and is highly regarded for being surrounded by the Shivalk Hill in the north, Ganga to the east and Yamuna to the west.

The sole purpose of visiting Dehradun is not just to explore the various sights and sounds of the hill station, but devotees find it interesting to know that the place holds connection to stories from the Ramayana. It is the gateway to many holy cities like Rishikesh and Haridwar along with pilgrimage circuit of Char Dham. This plays one of the major reasons why devotees love to come here.

One of the reasons that Dehradun draws huge influx of tourists is that the tourist spot hosts Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple that has some intriguing significance to it. Devotees love to come here to see how incessant water droplets from the rock continuously fall on the Shivling positioned at one place in the Shrine. The continuous flow of water suggests that there are numerous springs located nearby at 14 kms from the city. This is one of the reasons why the temple pulls maximum crowd since people love to offer their prayers and be at awe of the temple and the surprise that it holds.

The Places in and around Dehradun to visit

Located at 8 kms distance, the Malsi Deer Park is a place of visit for all from Dehradun on way to Mussoorie. Children mostly come to this place since it serves as picnic spot. Another attraction is The Robber’s Cave, which is another picnic spot positioned at 8 kms from Dehradun.

Visit The Tibetan Temple that lies on Rajpur Road and also the Santaula Devi Temple, which is away at 15 kms from Dehradun. Undertake excursions to Rajaji National Park replete with flora and fauna, Lacchiwala and Dakpathar, which is also 45 kms away from Dehradun.

If you are in Dehradun you cannot avoid the pomp and vigour of Jhanda Fair, Laxmansidh Fair, Tapkeshwar Fair, Bissu Fair, Shaheed Veer Kesri Chanda Fair and Mahasu Devta Fair. Shop hoppers will definitely love to go around plenty of shopping malls and complexes situated around.

Best time to visit

You can visit Dehradun year round, since temperature stays pleasant all the time, only that chilly winds blow during winter season. However, to sort out, months between June and December are ideal for sight-seeing and various other activities. Honeymooners should visit the place between October and February.

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