Gaurikund, the Place holds some intriguing Stories from the Puranas

Devotees on their way to Kedarnath take stop at Gauri Kund, that holds thrilling tales from the puranas. Notched at 16kms away from Kedarnath, of the Char Dhams, Gauri Kund is perched at an elevation of 1, 982 meters above sea level. The name ‘Gauri’ is after the name of goddess Parvati, wide of Lord Shiva.

You will intrigued to know that Goddess Parvati did hard-enduring penance both ascetic and yoga practices just to win Lord’ Shiva’s love. Following her long tapasya, Shiva finally agreed to marry Parvati, the ceremony of which took place in Trijuginarayan.

Pilgrims from all over India and world are drawn towards Gaurikund to play witness to a site that had once witnessed the love story between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Besides, one of the panch Kedars Kedarnath, is just a few kilometres away that hold another legendary tale. Legends have it that when Lord Shiva sought hiding in the form of bull, and the Pandavas were trying to find him to seek his mercy, the bull emerged from ground at five significant spots. Later, temples were built on these five spots, one of which came to be known as Kedarnath.

Therefore, it can be said that Kedarnath calls for intense attention from devotees who also make it to Gauri Kund to enjoy its serenity and legendary stories. The place gives you vivid sights of Vasuki Ganga flowing down and panoramic views of the Uttarkhand range. Also, Ukhimath is located 28 kms from Gaurikund and Sonprayag is created 6 kms from the place. Described as a quaint and tranquil hamlet, the site used to boasts of a thermal spring which got destroyed in the floods of 2013.

What to see around?

Some of the most prominent sites near Gauri Kund include Kedarnath, Gandhi Sarovar, Vasuki Tal and much more.

How to reach?

Take bus ride from Haridwar that will help you reach Gaurikund. Make advance booking at GMOA or Garhwal Mandal Owners Association so that you can reach the place easily.

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