Gomukh/Gaumukh the source of river Ganga and a Trekking wonder for Travellers

Gomukh/Gaumukh lying at 18 kms distance from Gangotri in the Uttarkhand region tests your physical endurance. While on your Char Dham Yatra, if you want to take the trekking route to Gomukh/Gaumukh and have the confidence to overcome hurdles on your way, then you should go to Gomukh/Gaumukh.

According to Hindu mythology, Gomukh/Gaumukh is source of river Ganga, the most sacred river of the Hindus. The name ‘Gomukh/Gaumukh’ means mouth of cow, which is rather implicated by ‘ga’ meaning cowing and ‘mukh’ meaning mouth.

In simple words, Gomukh/Gaumukh is the snout or terminus of Gangotri glacier that gives rise to the Ganges River at an elevation of 13, 200 ft in the Uttarkashi district lying in Uttarkhand range. Being regarded as popular pilgrim site, the way to Gomukh/Gaumukh serves as trekking path for agog trekkers. If you search the scripts of puranas, you will find the mention of Gomukh/Gaumukh in it. As per folklore and legends, a little boy reached the Gomukh/Gaumukh glacier while searching his lost ship. Since then, a number of holy travellers, saints and religious people have been visiting the place to offer their worships.

On your way on the trekking path, you come at a spot called Chirbasa, which is 9kms ahead of Gangotri and is known as abode for Chir trees. 3 kms from Chirbasa, you come to Gila Pahar, known for dangerous landslides. Then, you take an ultimate stop at Bhujbasa that lies at four and half kilometres from Gomukh/Gaumukh. When you are nearing Gomukh/Gaumukh, the splendid sight of Mt. Shivling will mesmerize you in every way.

If you still want to continue with your trekking, then take another 4 kms route from Gomukh/Gaumukh to Tapovan, the last leg of the trekking is quite stiff, a 1500 meters climb in just 2 kilometers. Tapovan is regarded as seat for spiritual practice where munis and rishis are believed to do meditation to attain enlightenment.

Do not miss Gomukh/Gaumukh, if you are on your Char Dham Yatra as it adds to your experience and knowledge of our Indian myths and legendary stories.

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