Opening and Closing Date

The pilgrimage trip to the most famous Gangotri Temple is considered to be the important holy temple trip according to the Hindu mythology. According to the authorities of the temple, Gangotri Temple opens during the last week of April or the first week of May when Akshya Tritya is celebrated.

Every year an opening ceremony is conducted before opening the gates of the temple and a special Pooja of Ganges both on river bank and inside the temple is performed by the priests. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Goddess Ganga retreats to Mukhwa, which is her winter dwelling.

Every year the opening and closing date of Gangotri Temple is announced by the priests of the temple. This year the Gangotri Temple was open on 21st of April 2015 and was closed like every year after the holy festival of Diwali after performing the rituals in the middle of row of oil lamps. The shrine also remains closed during the winter seasons from November till April and special ceremonies are conducted every year on the occasion of Vijaydashmi, Janamshtami and Diwali.

Gangotri Dham in Winter

Gangotri Temple remains closed for the public during winter on Vijaydashmi. This indicates that it is the beginning of the closure of Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand for winters.

During the winters, the deity of Goddess Ganga is taken to the village of Mukhba by the priests where she is worshipped by the devotees throughout the winter season, until the reopening of the shrine. The actual shrine of Goddess Ganga located at higher altitude gets closed during winter and reopen to public in the month of April-May every year because the place remains snow-banned during winters which makes it impossible for pilgrims to access the shrine.


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