Gangotri is the most famous Hindu pilgrim destination that is visited by thousands of pilgrims during their Char Dham Yatra. The best time to explore this destination is between April and November. The temperature during these months remains stable and considered to be best for visiting this destination.

The average temperature of this place remains between 10 to 15 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature may sometime goes below zero degree. No matter, which month you choose to visit Gangotri, it is advisable to carry some woolen and warm clothes along with you to stay safe and warm during your visit in this valley.

Gangotri in summer - The summer season at Gangotri always remains quite cold with frequent rains in the months of May and June. The gate of the temple basically gets open during the starting of summer season because the weather remains pleasant with a maximum temperature of 20 degree Celsius during summer and nights are very cold. For sightseeing trip and pilgrimage tour the summer season is considered best.

Gangotri in Monsoons - Monsoon season in Gangotri valley basically gets started from late July and remains till end of August and during this season it becomes quite difficult for tourists to visit Gangotri as landslides occur in various regions. So, pilgrims and tourists are suggested not to visit Gangotri during Monsoons.

Gangotri in winters - At Gangotri valley, the winter seasons actually start from middle of November to April and during the winters it is quite freezing cold during day time with heavy snowfall. The temple remains closed during the winter season. This place is only visited by mountaineers and professional trekkers for their trekking expedition near Gangotri valley during winters.

Which is Best Time to Visit?

The best time when tourists and pilgrims can visit Gangotri is from April to June and September to November. During these months the Gangotri temple is kept open. The gate of temple actually gets open from last week of April and gets closed in the second week of November. Tourists and pilgrims are requested to visit the temple during these months only when they can worship and explore the attractions of the valley to the fullest.


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