Nearby Attractions in Kedarnath

Gauri Kund - Gauri Kund is a temple dedicated to Goddess Gauri also called Parvati. According to mythology this is considered to be the place where goddesses Parvati did penance to win the heart of Lord Shiva. This place is located in some picturesque mountains of Himalayas and has beautiful mesmerizing views all round.

Sonprayag - Sonprayag is located at an altitude of 1830 meter above sea level and is cold in most part of the year. The place is blessed with snow covered mountains, lush green meadows, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The place is really bestowed with paradise like views of gushing rivers and mountains glittering with snow, making it none less than Switzerland. But, a religious aspect is also attached to it and it is believed that if a devote takes a dip in the holy river, their all sins are washed away. And, hence every traveler visiting to kedarnath temple, takes a pit stop at this place and take dip in this serene and calm river.

Vasuki Tal - Tal means lake in hindi and, Vasuki Tal is a beautiful mesmerizing lake situated at a distance of 9 KMs from Kedarnath temple. The fresh water lake at a height of 4150 meters amid snow covered mountains is an amazing view, and from here one can see chaukamba peak, which is clearly visible on a clear day. There are several touring and travel companies providing night stay in a tent, to give real experience of the beautiful place.

Chopta - Chopta is situtated at an altitude of 2900 meters and has a beautiful mesmerizing view of the Great Himalayas. One has to trek through beautiful lush green meadows and is a delight for trekkers as the passage to the Chopta requires strenuous travelling and trekking. Temperature of this place is really cold. One has to be really a good trekker to reach the place if one wants to trek to this place.

Sankracharya Samadhi - The saint Adi Sankracharya was a great scholar and philosopher and is believed to travel Kedarnath in 8BC, it is when he rebuilds the temple which was earlier build by the Pandavas. It is at this place Sankracharya took samadhi at the age of 35 and attained nirvana or moksha. The place is situated just behind the main Kedarnath temple, and every visitor visiting the temple goes to this samadhi and offers their prayers.

Triyugi Narayan - This place is called as Lord Shivas’s wedding place. This picturesque village is purged at an elevation of 1980 meters from sea level. The marriage of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati was solemnized in presence of Lord Vishnu or Narayan; hence the village and the temple came to be known as Triyugi Narayan. The village is one of the most beautiful village in the country and the villagers welcome the travellers with open arms and provide various experience.

Bhairav Temple - The Bhairav temple or Bhairav baba temple is situated to the south of the main Kedarnath temple and is dedicated to the fierce manifestation of lord Shiva, called Bhairav Nath. He is being considered as the god of devastation and hence is the protector of Kedarnath temple. Every devotee travelling to Kedarnath pay their worship to Bhairavnath as well.

Sonprayag - The literal meaning of this word is confluence of two rivers Basuki and Mandakini. The Sonprayag has religious sentiments attached and hence every dovetee travelling to Kedarnath tries to visit this place and take a dip in the water, in order to get rid of their sins. This is enroute Kedarnath and is a 30 min drive from there and is located in beautiful snow-covered mountains of Himalayas.

Gandhi Sarovar - This lake is strategically and beautifully located in the bed of Himalayas. This lake is situated at the mouth of glacier ChorabariBamak, and hence sometimes also called as Chorabari lake. The water is so crystal clear that the image is reflected in the water, and meanwhile it is freezing cold. It is at a trekking distance of 3 kms from the iron bridge of Kedarnath. The name of this place is named after the father of nation in order to pay tribute to him.


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