Celebrated as a land of Gods, the Holy District Of Uttarakhand lies on the convergence of rivers Gomti, Saryu, and latent Bhagirathi. The township is highly devoted due to its piousness and the faith of dissolving all sins of the devotees by the deity Lord Sadashiva. This land of immense spirituality is unquestionably a tourist destination capable of releasing one from the eternal chain of births & deaths and let understand the significance of salvation. With the west & east winged by the Nileshwar and Bhileswar mountains and encircled by Agni Kund in the south and Suraj Kund in the north, this land of Lord Shankar is of highly theistic, doctrinal and politically and historically significant. This auspicious land in the Republic State of Uttarakhand where Presence of Gods can be well realized sits over on a total Area of 2310 sq km and takes possession of a total Population of 249,462.

Famous for its temples and tourism, the place is one best pick During Your Vacation Time. The mystical land helps relax your mind, body and soul from both within and outside.

Places to Visit in Bageshwar

Major Attractions

Some of the Well-Known Places that will relax and make you completely stress free includes:-

Pindari Glacier

For a magnificent view of bird watching and the lush green landscapes surrounded in stunning Pindari hills, going for a walk through verdant rhododendron forests on the Pindari Glacier is as if a mandate. Trekkers catch glimpses of encircling mountain range at almost every turn of the trek.

The best part of the trekking to Pindari Glacier is that it is smooth to touch the trail; however not a cake walk, but you do not get exhausted. The trekking trail needs spider-walls, crossing mountain ridges, and streams which can be physically challenging for some. That being said, but the preternatural beauty of the final point or Zero Point at 12,300 feet will make you pass over all provocations. Here you will have a cultural insight & view of beautiful mountains from all around.

The trails remain closed during the monsoon season as it is unable to brave the weather and natural hazards through the route. Pleasant weather can be expected during the spring season from September to late October.

Temperature can touch as low as (-10) °C during winters (October to Mid March), thus chances of snowfall increased due to which roads are blocked.

Kafni Glacier

Extremely surreal and captivating, Kafni Glacier is a resplendent natural wonder positioned in Kumaon region district Bageshwar in Uttarakhand. At an elevation of 3,853 m above sea level, this glacier is snuggled below Nandakot Peak. This glacier when melts gives birth to River Kafni, making it an enigmatic haunt of avid tourist. The arresting scenic beauty and marvelous views of the snow draped peaks adds on to the splendor of this region.

While on the trek, adventure freaks can also be fortunate on sighting out rare species of flora and fauna. Hence, amongst the most wondrous hiking experiences of all, trek to Kafni Glacier is not something to be missed.

Sunderdhunga Glacier

A dream destination for avid trekkers, Sunderdhunga Glacier sits close to Maiktoli and Sukhram Glacier in the Bageshwar district. Owing to the magnificence of the place, trek to Sunderdhunga Glacier is something very fascinating as it leads to spellbound views of imposing peaks like Panwalidwar, Mrigthuni, Maiktoli, and Tharkot.

The place is a paradise for zealous photographers and nature lovers and keen photographers. Trek to this natural wonder is considered to be a difficult one as compared to other glaciers. Small lively villages, verdant woodlands, and alpine pastures are witnessed while on the way to the glacier. For an unforgettable Glacier trek, opt for Sunderdhunga.

Bagnath Temple

At the convergence of rivers Saryu & Gomti, sits a conical shaped towers temple of towers of the Tiger Lord— Bhageshwar, an avatar of Lord Shiva. Erected by the Kumaon king— Laxmi Chand, the temple is as ancient as 1450 AD. The complex of the temple has a congregate of various prominent temples, some among them being Hanuman Temple, Bhairav temple, Thingal Bhairav Temple, Durga Temple, Kalika Temple, Ganga Mai Temple, and the Pancham Junakhara

Chandika Temple

Positioned at distance of about half a kilometer from Bageshwar, the temple is dedicated to goddess 'Chandika'. During the Navaratras, thousands of devotees amass here to submit reverence to the deity,.

Gauri Udiyar

A huge cave at a distance far off 8 km from Bageshwar, boasting the idols of Lord Shiva is an unavoidable spot. The cave measures 20 X 95 sq. m.

Other nearby Places

Shikhar Temple

The temple is named after the God Mool Narayan and is situated at the Shikhar Mountain. It is accessible by an 18 km motorable road from Kapkot to Sopra followed by a 5 km rein on trek.


26 km from Bageshwar and 19 km from Kausan, lies an ancient town of Baijnath in the Katyuri Valley. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Baijnath Temple stands on the bank of River Gomti, at an altitude of 1126 m. It houses popular temple complex, dating back to 10th, 12th and 13th centuries. The main 10th century temple possesses a pretty idol of Goddess Parvati and its believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were married here.


The small Vijaypur offers an enchanting view of the snow clad Himalayan range. It is at a distance of 30 km from Bageshwar.


This scenic beauty stands at an elevation of 1500-1900 m above sea level. At a distance of 25 km from Bageshwar, the place is a true treat for nature lovers. A historic Bhadrakali temple is housed near Kanda.


As stated in Mahabharata, the Pandavas and their cousins Kauravas battled here on the hilly tract of about half a kilometer width, amidst wilderness.

Best Season / Best time to visit Bageshwar

The Best Season to visit Bageshwar, specifically for trekkers is Oct – May. Temperature during summer remains between 30 to 35°C, with maximum temperature that one can expect is around 36 °C. During the different season time, the district exhibits a climate kind of semi humid and extreme conditions.

Winters are harsh chilled as the temperatures can get as low as - 3°C and its freezing point for many months.

Good rainfall is expected during monsoons, avoid visit here as there arise problems of landslide, road blockage and other hazards.

How one can reach to Bageshwar?

Bageshwar is easily reachable Via Air, Railway and Road.

By Flight

The nearest Airport is Pant Nagar in Nainital, which is of 206 kms away from Bageshwar.

By Train

Kathgodam at a distance of 190 kms is the nearest Railway station.

By Road

Bageshwar is well connected by roads with most major cities and states. From nearby towns of Uttarakhand, there is availability of local conveyance like Taxis and motor bikes. Almora is (90 kms), Nainital (137 kms), Kathgodam (180 kms) and Pant Nagar (206 kms) from Bageshwar district.


Delhi to Bageshwar: 435 km
Chandigarh to Bageshwar: 487 km
Lucknow to Bageshwar: 505 km
Visiting, Bageshwar, one need not worry about the Accommodation as there are numbers of Luxury Hotels available here and always ready to serve tourists in a better way.


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