Haridwar: A holy place

Derived from Hari-God and Dwar- Gate, Haridwar is an exceptional tourist gateway and a spiritual spot for people all over the world situated in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The town is brimmed with temples, ashrams, meditation centers and small rishi caves that could be the chief reason of it being the major attraction for The Pilgrims across the World.

Haridwar is a divine land being associated to numerous legends, from times as ancient as Ramayana. Every GHAT and almost every part of the city has a story to tell the travelers. There would be a lot about the city many of us may not know, despite making various visits.

Featuring amongst the 4 venues for the Kumbh Mela (Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik and Ujjain), Haridwar city witnesses the world’s most amicable assemblage. The Kumbh fair is held once in 12 years at each venue.

Avowed as one amongst the seven sacred Places to Hindus, thousands of pilgrims come here to take holy dip in River Ganga and get free from their lives’ sins.Haridwar can be found acknowledged in many ancient Indian Scriptures such as Mahabharata, Ramayna & Upanishads.

It is in Haridwar that the main branch of Patanjali Yogpeeth snd Divya Yog Mandir Trust University is established.

The town spread in Total Area of 2360 sq km houses a Total Population of 14, 47,187. The Literacy Rate in the town accounts to 64.60%.


  • Haridwar Cycling or Cycling: Haridwar is surrounded all over from rivers, woodlands, verdant and mountains. People specifically come here in the summers to take advantage of sports like cycling or biking to close by areas. Bikes and cycle are available in the town on rent. One may need a Guide when driving to secluded areas.
  • Yoga in Haridwar: Haridwar, karam bhoomi of Baba Ramdev, has become the globally recognized Mecca of Yoga and meditation, which is emerged as a famous activity all over the world. There are a number of ashrams in the town where one can learn and practice yoga. You can learn yoga in deep if on a long stay in Haridwar. While on a short vacation to Haridwar, you can also take short classes in morning and evening from the country’s finest instructors. People arrive here from different parts of the globe and the country to seek relief from various ailments of immunity, psychology, skin, hair & heart and others by way of yoga. Practicing Yoga in a scheduled manner can truly bring a person’s mind, breath and body in perfect sync thus giving an improved overall health. And what could be a place better than the pivotal point of Yoga- Haridwar.
  • Meditation in Haridwar: The holy place has amazing surroundings for meditation and so many good meditation instructors who can perfectly teach you meditation. It is a practice of self-exploration and is practiced to get relieved from stress & psychological disorders. Meditation is a practice to know our self. Meditation is used to train the mind and obtain peace and balance which is beneficial for both your emotional and physical health.
  • Haridwar Walk: Strolling by Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism is an amazing way to experience and understand the literature and legacy of Haridwar. It takes minimum 05 hours for the whole walk to know about more than 400 hundred year old tradition, art and culture.
  • Holy Dip at Ganges: As per Hindu tradition, taking bath in river Ganges can release the devotee from all past sins and lead a way to a contentious life. Each year a billion of people take holy dip here and the number increase to about 10 millions during Kumbh Mela. Compared to other towns like Allahbad and Varanasi, Ganges in Haridwar is clear and sacred, thus making for best holy dip here.
  • Ganga Aarti: Every evening, thousand of devotees gather around Har ki Pauri to offer prayers to the Goddess Ganga, hearing Vedic hymns, spiritual music, chant along and lit diyas that float in Ganga’s bosom. It is worshipped in belief of Goddess giving life to mankind in the form of water since hundreds of years.
  • Lecture by Guru: A sprouting trend in the town that attracts eager foreigners and domestic visitors keen about knowing Hinduism. Notable Spiritual Gurus are here to spread word on Hinduism for which bookings have to be made well in advance.
  • Ashram visit: It is this district that boasts of numerous unparalleled yoga ashrams. Thousands of people are already accommodated in these ashrams to lead a peaceful life. Visiting these ashrams to meet people living in ashrams and know their culture requires Prior appointment.
  • Astrology/Palmistry in Haridwar: Haridwar also boast about some accurate Astrology or Palmistry services. There are many places where palm reading and personal horoscopes services are offered to get insight about their future. But make sure not to get enticed by anyone providing astrology services, as some are involved in immoral practices too.
  • Shopping in Haridwar: Objects of spirituality like idols, rudraksh, stones, and many other things are easily available in Haridwar’s local market. Next to the Moti Bazaar is a long line of shops, selling all types of trinkets, antique objects, handicrafts & ornaments. Be it woolens, religious items or sweet meat, you will find it all here.
  • Eating in Haridwar: Haridwar attracts massive tourists from Indian as well as foreign countries, so occupies wide varieties in food. Traditional Indian cuisine, Chinese, American, Italian, Mexican, North/South Indian food is available.

    In the old lanes of Haridwar, you will get the opportunity to eat all kinds of YUMMY local food and all this at a price so low to believe. Kachoris at Kashyap Kachoriwala and Aloopuri at Mohanji Puri wale is a foodies feast. You can also try sweets specialty like Faluda at Mathura Walon Ki Prachin Dukaan.


When or next time you are here, make sure to take note of these points of place:


Marking the entry point of the Ganga, translating footsteps of Lord Shiva, Har-ki-pauri is Considered as one of the major attractions of Haridwar, this holy Ghat was built by the then King Vikramaditya in remembrance of his brother Bhartrihari. This sacrosanct bathe ghat is also called as Brahmakund. Devotees in large number accumulate here to take a holy dip in the river Ganga during the Kumbh Mela.


It is at these destines that Ganges is surmised to have split itself into 7 small streams to not to disturb the Sapt (seven) Rishis performing religious rites and meditating here.


Haridwar is quite popular for its local bazaars or markets. The main Haridwar bazaar is an elongated, winding way, perhaps the oldest part of the town, steer clear off of all the vehicular traffic. The ancient Moti Bazaar here is as historical as the city itself.


Based atop of the Neel Parvat, the temple offers mesmerizing visual perception of the entire Haridwar city. Built in the year 1929 by the then king of Kashmir Suchat Singh, this temple is a recommended visit for spiritual souls and nature lovers.


Located on the southernmost mountain of Bilwa Parvat, the Shivalik range of this temple dedicated to MAA Durga. It is believed if a wish is made with a clean heart, the goddess will fulfill it. Rope cables known as “Udan Khatola” are available to reach this temple either, however one can even choose o walk. This place of worship provides a far-reaching view of the whole Haridwar town with the Ganges flowing in its middle.


Holding high religious significance for the followers of Hinduism, this temple is also considered as one of the Siddhapethas devoted to the Adhisthatri Devi of Haridwar.


Another place to visit in Haridwar is Shanti Kunj famous for yoga practices. It is also one of the salient centres for the Gayatri followers all across the country. The temple here harbors 24 images of Gayatri.


Founded by Swami Satyamitranand Giri, the temple is a tremendously big 8- storey towering structure constructed in 1983. Each floor of the temple shelters statues of various historical and mythological legends, devout, heroic leaders who played a substantial part in the formation of the modern India.

Haridwar Excursions

  • Rishikesh— for water rafting and trekking
  • Dehradun
  • Mussoorie
  • Chilla - Rajaji National Park
  • Lachhiwala
  • Muslim Mazar of saint Piran Kaliyar 30 minutes from Haridwar.

How One Can Reach To Haridwar?

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant at Dehradun which is 41 Kms Away From Haridwar.

By Rail

It is directly connected via Rail from Major Cities of India Such As Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Dehradun, Amritsar, Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Ujjain, Etc.

By Road

Haridwar also offers excellent connectivity to road routes with major cities.

Agra: 386 Kms
Badrinath: 325 Kms
Kedarnath: 250 Kms
Delhi: 214 Kms
Ambala: 168 Kms
Nainital: 117 Kms
Saharanpur: 81 Kms
Dehradun: 52 Kms


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