Tehri Garhwal


Situated in the Garhwal Region Is One Of The monumental District of Uttarakhand State— Tehri Garhwal. Featuring cardinal characteristic of the Tehri District is—lush sprawled greenery, Vast Lawn, Peak Of Misty Himalaya’s. The abstract hills surrounding the district add to the Beauty of the site.

The district of Tehri Garhwal is divided into two zones, i.e., the Old Tehri & New Tehri.

Old Tehri – Old tehri is about 16 KM from New Tehri. It is 84 Km far off from Rishikesh. Places like Badrinath, Kedarnath Gangotri, and Yamunotri, is close to capital of Garhwal. The place was under the governance of the king Raja Sudarshan Shah before Independence. You Can See a plenty of Historical Buildings Across The Tehri.

New Tehri - Elevatedat the height of 1,550 Meter above The Sea level is the inhabitance of New Tehri where one will find Huge Dams, Artificial Lake And natural surroundings. Built In Between Bhagirathi and Bhilangana River is a famous Dam Named— Tehri. The District Headquarters of the Tehri District is located in the New Tehri. A shed load of Private Resorts is placed here. For a fact, New Tehri is regarded as the Asia’s Most Prosperous and Radical Rehabilitations Center.

The Total Area covered by the town in Grahwal region of Uttarakhand is about 4085 SQ KM. According To The 2016-2017 Census, Total Population of Tehari is 604,747 with Literacy Rate Of 67.04%.


  • Nagtibba: Situated at a height above 3.048 Meter from ground is one of the popular spot for Trekking and lots of Adventurous activities. One can find this destination in fullness of Wild Forests. Works related to Eco Tourism Related also keep going & progressing in the area.
  • Chamba: Keeping aside the surrounding perspectives of Himalayan valley, the place is additionally a standout among travelers, providing an incredible perspective of the blissful waterway Bhagirathi, perusing pines, deodars around. It is one of the opulent Resorts that stature at an elevation of 1676 Meters over the ocean level and at a distance of 18 km from Tehri Garhwal & 48 Kms from Narendra Nagar Heading to the Road Gangotri. The resort is best for tourists looking for leisure vacation in the lap of overgrown hilly valley.
  • Dhanaulti: Approximatey24 Kms far from Tehri, is the hill station that lies so near to ‘Queen of hills’- Mussoorie. The place has become favourite of all and more known because of Mussoorie. Transpiring as a favourite winter vacationing spot, this tinsel town of Dhanaulti is known for concealed fortunes. With not very many voyagers mindful of the level of mysticism of this icy heaven, the crude trails remain typically virgin. It enjoys moderate Temperature and pleasant atmosphere round the year which is another reason of the site getting more attention.
  • Dev Prayag: It is a heavenly point of conflux of two holy streams to be as Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers which in reciprocation forms the nation’s most admired waterway. It holds one of the premiere places in the 'Panch Prayag' which is visited by mane pilgrims throughout the year. The place which literally lies on the Rishikesh To Badrinath Route is almost 87 Km More From Narendra Nagar and 64 km from Tehri Garhwal.
  • Khatling Glacier: The glacier is one of the famous Trekking spots Of Uttarakhand. The River Bhilangna supplements more charm to the site. Trekking begins from Ghuttu which is about 62km Far From Tehri.
  • Tehri Dam: The Tallest Dam in Asia and the 4th Tallest Rock Fill Dam in the World is stretched out on an area Of 45 Sq. Kms in the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana canyons alongside Tehri Town.
  • Narendra Nagar: One of the Tourists Favourite halts Spot is That You Should also Visit, if you are going to be arriving in Tehri. Earlier known as The Capital Of Garhwallies, also the town of influence comes chiefly On The Rishikesh – Gangotri Yamuna Route.
  • Kaudiyala: Approximately 37 Km Far From, is this mesmerizing spot on the Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway. Kaudiyala is quite popular for River/Water Rafting. Rafting training Course is also conducted in this place by the GMVN Tourism Department.
  • Chandrabadani Devi: Located On the Chandrabadani Parvat, is this holy temple which is exactly 25 Km From Devpraya and almost 10 KM From Kandi Khal. According to historical holograph, it is believed that the Torso of Goddess Sati, The Confidante of Lord Shiva Fell Here. This is the ground rationale why this holy place gains special Attention during Shivaratri and other related ceremonies.
  • Mussoorie-tehri: Located in the region of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is one of the most loved hill stations since centuries for people all across. It is 129.6 km far from Tehri Gharwal.
  • Kanatal: Never would have anyone expected that once the forsake land is now a peace lover’s paradise. The Kanatal town is a standard repeat for those travelers who seek peace and seclusion. Kanatal is named after a lake that historically existed there. Apart from peace, the zone displays the loveliness of its triumph in form of magnificent hill, green verdant fruit trees, and apple orchards. Kaudia forest and jungle safari, Kanatal heights and Surkanda Devi temple devoted to Goddess Sati at hilltop are an un-missable destines here. Camping and outdoor recreation at Camping Carnival of kanatal makes for a prefect and friends and family holiday spot.


  • Trekking in Tehri: The most important thing and main attraction to see in Tehri-Garhwal is the — Tehri Dam. It is a multi-purpose rock with incalculable trekking trails and scenic surroundings in the area unified with streams and waterways and some incredible views. The place has a propensity to be most loved for trekking.
  • River Rafting in Tehri: Tehri Garhwal is a famous tourist destination known for white water rafting. River Rafting is quite an enjoyable activity in Tehri Gharwal.
  • Rock-Climbing in Tehri: The Old Tehri that was once profoundly possessed now sets down under the water in remains. With uncountable trek tramps, hiking traipse and mountain scattered in this chilly town has emerged to be a significant most imposing for rock climbers, mountain climbers & trekkers.
  • Shopping-in-tehri: Tehri Garhwal shelters numerous street vendors, sellers and close markets with a wide variety of choice to shop. Despite the fact that won't track down a particular keepsake to recoup home, however the place is hoarded with woolens, adornments, and meticulous workmen.
  • Worshipping: Sem-Mukhem-Nagraja-Temple-In-Tehri sanctuary devoted to Nag Raja is a standout amongst the most hunted for after astonishment in the district. Roosted at an elevation of 2903 m over the sea, the sanctuary sets in transit Khamba Khal –


Tehri-Garhwal by Air

The Nearest Airport to Tehri Is Jolly Grant, at Dehradun at a distance of about 93 Km from The Tehri.

Tehri-Garhwal by Train

Nearest rail station is in Haridwar which is 52 kms far from Tehri-Garhwal. Tehri-Garhwal does not have its own train station. There are some train that commute for the city from Haridwar Junction including; Dehradun Shatabdi, Dehradun jan Shatabdi, Ndls JanShatabd.

Tehri-Garhwal by Road

Tehri Is well connected with major roads and towns in the country and nearby areas.

Distances to Tehri-Garhwal from major cities are as follows:-

Dehradun to Tehri-Garhwal- 145 kms (approx 3 hrs by road)
Delhi to Tehri-Garhwa-333 kms (approx 7 hrs by road)
Ghaziabad to Tehri-Garhwal- 316kms (approx 6 hrs by road)
Noida to Tehri-Garhwal- 336 kms (approx 6 hrs by road)
Gurgaon to Tehri-Garhwal- 367 kms (approx 7 hrs by road)
Faridabad to Tehri-Garhwal- 355 kms (approx 7 hrs by road)
Indore to Tehri-Garhwal- 1093 kms (approx 20 hrs by road)
Pune to Tehri-Garhwal- 1744 kms (approx 30 hrs by road)
Chandigarh to Tehri-Garhwal- 316 kms (approx 6 hrs by road)
Ludhiana to Tehri-Garhwal- 395 kms (approx 7 hrs by road)
Jalandhar to Tehri-Garhwal- 456 kms (approx 8 hrs by road)
Amritsar to Tehri-Garhwal- 537 kms (approx 10 hrs by road)
Aligarh to Tehri-Garhwal-394 kms (approx 7 hrs by road)
Agra to Tehri-Garhwal- 482 kms (approx 9 hrs by road)
Jammu to Tehri-Garhwal- 663 kms (approx 11 hrs by road)


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