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Yamunotri Temple is the most important holy shrine for Hindus which is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The temple has a black marble idol of goddess Yamuna inside it that holds the status of omnipresent Mother to Human race. According to Hindu mythology, the life on earth keeps on going with the aid and rich nourishment offered by blessings and grace of Goddess Yamuna. In contrary to religious beliefs, Yamuna is one of the major holy rivers after Ganga and it is the part of trio holy river of India, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Tehri Naresh, King Sudarshan Shah actually constructed the Yamunotri Temple in the year 1839 to honor Goddess Yamuna. Later, the temple was completely destroyed by a severe earthquake. In 19th century, Maharani Gularia of Jaipur decided to reconstruct the temple and renovate it again. This is how the new Yamunotri temple came into existence lately in 19th century.


In fact there are several legends that are linked with this holy Yamunotri temple. The religious legends affirm that goddess Yamuna is the daughter of Sun God and Sangya, the goddess of Consciousness and the sister of death god, Yama. So, many pilgrims and legends believe that by offering prayer at Yamunotri Temple, they will not only wash off their sins, but will also get blessings from Sun God, God of Consciousness and Death God. After the prayer, the pilgrims always take holy dip into the River Yamuna because they believe that by doing so they will get rid from the fear of morality or death. The mountain surrounding the Yamunotri Temple is named after Yamuna Devi’s Father, Surya Dev. This mountain valley is naed as Kalind Parvat.

According to other legends, Asit Muni an ancient sage believed to live his entire life in this region of Yamunotri. Every day he used to take his bath in the River Yamuna and Ganga. When he grew older, he was unable to go to River Ganga to take his bath as it is far away and hence he started the bathing rituals in the stream of River Ganga which emerge close to River Yamuna just opposite to it.

According to other legends, Goddess Yamuna was very frivolous by nature and this trait came into her due to a myth, that her mother was unable to make eye contact with her father who is a Sun God.


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