Hotels (Places to Stay)

Most of the pilgrims don’t have great ideas about Yamunotri and they are not aware about the facilities available at hotels in Yamunotri. So, before you book any package for Yamunotri tour it is necessary to know the available accommodation facilities in and around Yamunotri valley.

Yamunotri Temple is the most important religious destination for Hindu pilgrims and this shrine is basically dedicated to goddess Yamuna. It is the source of Yamuna River and millions of pilgrims from across the world visit this holy site to worship the deity Yamuna. There are several religious packages offered online and pilgrims and tourists may book their package in advance. However, it is very necessary for the tourists and pilgrims to know exactly about the accommodation facilities before moving ahead.

Accommodation in this region is never an issue for pilgrims and tourists as they can easily find a wide variety of places where they can enjoy comfortable stay during their trip to Yamunotri Temple. There are many comfortable places where tourists can enjoy luxury stay during their trip to Yamunotri. Amongst all other well established hotels and resorts in the valley, Chauhan Tourist Lodge, Himalayan Guest House, Hotel Kalindi, GMVN TRH and Chauhan Annxe are some of the best places to stay during your trip to Yamunotri.

Yamunotri Cottages - It is one of the best and luxurious accommodation facilities in Yamunotri region. Located in Janki Chatti, the Yamunotri Cottages is a resort in the middle of awe-inspiring natural beauty and it is beautifully surrounded by majestic snow clad Himalayan range. Tourists can enjoy the sights of beautiful coniferous trees, mesmerizing meadows and stepping paddies. Tourists can enjoy trailing towards the Kharsali Village in evening time to explore the Shani Temple. This resort can be accessed through Helicopter services as there is a Heli-Pad available within the premises of this resort.

Camp Nirvana Yamunotri - It is a resort situated beautifully on the seashore of Holy Yamuna River. It is a two star Tent Stay type accommodation facility that provide luxurious tented accommodation to pilgrims and tourists on their Char Dham Yatra. Each of the tent is magnificently constructed that offer panoramic views of the Yamuna River and scenic hill farmlands and the surrounding mountain range and villages. This resort also offers tranquil environs and natural surroundings where you can enjoy yoga and meditation. Adventure lovers will definitely find this place quite amazing as they can enjoy trekking trips to mountains and villages and other activities on camp site.

Yamunotri River Banks Resort - It is a Star resort located in the region of Barkot just upon the seashore of Yamuna River. This resort comprises around 16 luxury camps where tourists can enjoy luxury hospitality and optimum comfort during their stay in Yamunotri tour. The facilities and amenities offered at this camp are beyond imagination and all tourists receive luxury treatment during their stay.

These were some of the best places to stay during your Yamunotri trip. However, it is necessary to book for room or camps before arrival to avoid the last minute rush.


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